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We are an experiential learning program designed to inspire children to connect, grow, achieve, and make impact through our exciting Role Playing Game and supplemental activities. 

What Do You Want For Your Child?

Connect? Grow? Achieve? Make An Impact?

Our passion is for your children to have fun, make new lasting friendships, and build the life skills that will help them be successful in life.  Every child is different, and we have flexibility with our programs to meet your child’s needs and your budget. If one of the below relates to you we have a solution for you!

1. Fun, Engaging Activities?

“I want my children to engage in a variety of fun activities outside of school. I am running out of ideas to keep them entertained.” “I am concerned about the time my children are spending playing video games.”

ImpactKid Adventures RPG is very engaging and rewarding as it provides a sense of accomplishment through leveling up similar to video games. Every time the game is played the story and the choices that players make are different. 

We also offer free access to our Youtube channel ImpactKid Academy which hosts a variety of inspiring activities including science experiments, dance, martial arts, and many more. 


  • CONNECT plan
  • Pay per game or punchcard 
  • ImpactKid Academy

2. Social and Emotional Development?

“I want my children to socialize and make lasting friendships. Social and emotional development of my children are more important than ever now due to the COVID-19 impact.”

We provide both the platform and the skills to help kids connect and build lasting friendships as they go on exciting adventures together. ImpactKid RPG is a collaborative game. To succeed players work together, figure out their own and others’ strengths, and encourage each other. This builds trust, compassion, and empathy.   


3. Academic Success?

“I want to make sure my child is focusing on school work especially in virtual school environment due to COVID-19”

Our ImpactKid Coaching program helps kids set goal and achieve them through virtual weekly meetings with an assigned coach, and supplemental activities. 


4. 21st Century Skills?

“I want my children to build 21st century skills that will help them be successful in life such as collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication.”

ImpactKid Adventures RPG is designed for whole-child development. Kids are rewarded inside and outside the games for demonstrating 5 core leadership skills.

Our mentorship program combines this skill development with real life experiences. Kids who sign up for this program will get a mentor assigned to help them complete  entrepreneurship projects such as:

Publishing: Create and sell ImpactKid stories on an online marketplace

Game Master Certification for those who want to run  ImpactKid Game sessions.

Public Speaking: Creating inspiring speeches, presentations, videos. 



Currently we run our role playing game sessions on Fridays and Sundays virtually. Every first Friday of the month we offer an introductory free session.   

Pricing: $8 per 1 hour game session. Or you can chose from one of the monthly plans below:

We provide online and in-person  after school programs and field trips based on ImpactKid Adventures RPG. 

Email us now to inquire more about our school programs

Birthday Parties

LARP (Live Action Role Play)

Looking for a unique  unforgettable birthday party for your child (starting at age 5)? 

ImpactKid specializes in memorable parties that bring out the inner hero in everyone who participates! Our 2 hour birthday package includes 1 hour of L.A.R.P.  where your child and friends will solve a mission in an exciting sci-fi / fantasy setting filled with exciting story-telling, acting, and challenges. 

$190,  plus $15 per child in excess of 12, up to a maximum of 20. We provide plates, utensils, and table cloth, and handle set-up and clean-up.


$25 per 2 hour game session including snacks. Children will participate in a Live Action Role Playing experience in a sci-fi fantasy setting.

Email us now to inquire more about special events